DA presents new cameras to local police departments


The Office of Clinton County District Attorney recently presented several local police departments with new digital cameras for use in criminal investigations. Citing the need to replace aging older and damaged equipment, DA Dave Strouse said, “being able to accurately document and photograph evidence in criminal investigations is one of our primary objectives in law enforcement. The better the evidence, the stronger the case. I’m very happy that my office is able to help out our local departments in any small way we can.” Typically local police departments have to make new equipment purchases through their own municipality and the purchases are made with taxpayer funds. The cameras presented by Strouse’s office were purchased with funds controlled by the DA as part of the county’s drug forfeiture fund. “This allows us to improve our evidence collection and to do it without passing any additional expenses onto the taxpayer. We’re putting money taken from drug dealers to good use to try to help our police.” Municipal police departments receiving the new cameras are Woodward Township, Renovo Borough, Lock Haven City, Pine Creek Township, Mill Hall Borough and Keystone Central School District. Pictured are, from left, Chief Steve Falotico, Woodward Township Police; Corporal Mike Jeffries and K9 Jordan, Renovo Borough Police; Chief Kristin Smith, Lock Haven City Police; District Attorney Dave Strouse; Officer Dennis Gill, Pine Creek Township Police; and Chief Brandon Coleman, Mill Hall Borough and KCSD Police.)