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Renovo Class of 1941’s 20th-year reunion

Members of the Renovo High School Class of 1941 posed for this photo at their reunion in 1961. Local historian Charles Barnum is sharing the picture with other Express readers. He said a neighbor found it in the attic and asked him to find the names. Mr. Barnum said he recognized Clinton County Pres. Judge Craig Miller’s parents and asked him to help. The judge sent him the class names, and then Mr. Barnum found the photo at the library. His research has provided the following list. Women whose maiden names are included are class members; those identified by their husband’s first name are not. The class members seen are, from left, in front: Harry and Bette Johnson Scrimshaw (recording secretary), Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Miller (president), Mrs. Gerald Lacy and Mr. Lacy (treasurer), and Mrs. Ruth Schenck Carl (financial secretary) and Dick Carl; in the second row: Frank and Hazel Poleto Miller, Bernice Jones Watt and John Watt, Mrs. Merrill Schenck and Mr. Schenck, and Mary Manila Swanson and Charles Swanson; in the third row: Betty Poorman Schneider and William Schneider, Bennett Shaffer, Violet Hills Rankin, and Eileen Shadle Huff; in the fourth row: Theresa Probst Lupro and Ralph Lupro, Alice Harvey Cook, Evangelo Gianoplos, Harry Rankin, and Robert Huff; in the fifth row: Mrs. Lucien Henninger and Mr. Henninger, Roy Cook, Ruth Werts, and Mrs. John Sette and Mr. Sette; in the sixth row: Mr. Chase and Leona Zerbe Chase, Mrs. Ned Lunger and Mr. Lunger, Mrs. Francis Conti and Mr. Conti; and in the seventh row: Harold Shields and Gloria Whitmire Shields, Mrs. Donald Bratz and Mr. Bratz, Grace Johnson Tarr and Arthur Tarr, and Mr. and Mrs. George Cook.


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