KCSD introduces adult on-line learning — Ed2Go

MILL HALL — In mid November, Keystone Central School District’s Career and Technical Education Department and Communication Department teamed up to solicit feedback from the community about the kinds of adult education they were interested in, if available.

The survey offered to the public garnered over 200 responses. There were three sections– hobbies, life skills, and job skills.

Based on the data from the survey, KCSD is reintroducing their partnership with Ed2Go.

Ed2Go is an on-line learning platform that gives individuals the opportunity to learn a skill and expand their possibilities. Interested individuals create an account, select a course, submit payment, and begin furthering their education.

Students can learn from the comfort of their home or while they are on the go.

The on-line options available for the launch include sign language, conversational Spanish, Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, GED preparation, web design, health care, and more.

“Many of the top requests from the survey are hands-on classes that require space and materials,” said Kurt Lynch, director of KCSD Career and Technical Education. Lynch is referring to top vote getters such as gardening, cooking, homeowner 101, and welding.

“Those are coming, but for now, we are establishing our on-line option for classes that do not require much more than an instructor and a student,” he continued.

The district intends on moving forward to offer on-site, adult learning for the community. “We want to start slow and build our programs and learning community” said Lynch.

KCSD Ed2Go online learning offers instructor lead and self-paces courses, giving students the option of learning on a set schedule or working at their own pace. Courses range from 6 to 8 weeks and an average cost $20 per week.

“KCSD not only wants to help our community learn new skills, but we also want to partner with existing entities as not to compete with, but help grow the adult learning opportunities in Clinton County” said Angela Harding, KCSD Communication and Community Outreach. One hobby-based learning example is the Clinton County Arts Council.

“They already offer photography and art related instruction. Both were statistically high in the survey. The next step is how can we (Arts Council and KCSD) work together to get more people involved. The possibilities and partnerships are endless” she continued.

The goal is start slow and build. Lynch and Harding both expressed the importance of “doing it right; giving the community the opportunities they desire, communicating those opportunities, and making every effort to partner with community stake holders to expand those offerings”.

“We will continue to add classes to the KCSD Ed2Go menu as we start to build on-site educational opportunities” said Harding. “Much of that growth depends on community demand and local business and industry needs”, said Lynch.

To learn more and to register for classes visit: go.kcsd.us/ed2go

Top results from the Adult Education survey


There were 203 responses, with 153 saying they would like to learn a new hobby with the following hobbies and percentages of responders listed.

r 32.5% – Gardening

r 32.5% – Cooking

r 31% – Photography/Art

r 30% – Sign Language

r 22% – Woodworking


There were 175 responses and 94 said they would like to learn a new life skill with following skills and percentages listed.

r 48.25% – Homeowner 101

r 36.84% – Car Owner 101

r 32.4% – Landscape Maintenance

r 26% – Personal Finance


There were 165 responses and 99 said they would like to learn a job skill, with the following skills and percentages listed.

r 24% – Microsoft Excel

r 22% – Conversational Spanish

r 22% – Web Design

r 20% – Welding

r 19% – QuickBooks/Accounting Skills

r 18% – CPR/First Aid

Survey takers were able to select from dozens of options and also provided ideas for classes not listed.


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