KC students benefit from EITC donations


Students in John May’s Natural Resource Management class pose with UGI Utilities, Inc. community relations representative, Ann Blaskiewicz for a check presentation. May’s classes and other Career and Technical students in KCSD will be using the funding to construct an ‘aquaponics’ lab in the current CMHS greenhouse. Aquaponics combine the production of fish through aquaculture and the hydroponic production of plants into one system. Aquaponics systems allow growers to take advantage of the natural biological functions of fish and plants. As the fish produce waste, the plants consume this waste as fertilizer resulting in purified water that is recalculated back to the fish. The result is a low maintenance micro-ecosystem that is capable of producing chemical free plant and animal products. The $2,500 contribution by UGI Utilities, Inc. was made to the Keystone Central Foundation through the EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) Program. The PA Department of Community and Economic Development program offers up to 75% tax credit to approved business and corporation donors. The Keystone Central Foundation is a state approved recipient of the donations and with the contributions will be able to fund many educational opportunities in KCSD.


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