BC-Blanchard Fire Co. started 80 years ago

Plans underway for celebration in September

BEECH CREEK –The Beech Creek-Blanchard Volunteer Fire Company which is celebrating 80 years of serving the area this year. is planning a banquet for its members and guests in September.

Members are also putting together a program/history book of the fire department to document events over the years before history is lost.

They are wondering how the towns dealt with fires before the fire company was founded. They have learned there were several businesses that burnt, according to the Beech Creek history book written by Harry and Vera Lingle. The members stumbled upon a line-of-duty death that occurred at the old train station site which is now home to the recently built firehouse. This in itself has an interesting story as well as the fire that struck a spark in the communities to organize a fire department.

The towns had actually organized in October of 1938 but didn’t really have any equipment or a truck until 1939, qualifying them as a responding fire department. They never incorporated until 1947 due to the war. Nor did they have a building, which is another story to be told.

We have and are asking businesses that may want to help out with the book by placing an ad, showing your support, in the history book by giving a donation/fee. Anyone may also do this to show your family’s support in congratulating the volunteers. Also we may have additional booklets to be purchased for those interested.

If you are interested in showing your support or are a member planning on attending the banquet, you may email: deorr4@gmail.com or call: (570)295-1630. Please leave a message.