Full Armor Wellness pushing for donations at blood drive



MILL HALL — Full Armor Wellness, LLC will be hosting a blood drive Friday, August 30, noon to 5 p.m., and are hoping to see plenty of donors.

“Full Armor Wellness never settles for failure and certainly not mediocrity,” said owners Andy and Jodie Wertz.

“When we decided to do a blood drive to help give back to the community we had a vision and a goal. Our vision and goal was 100 units of blood, so originally we asked for 100 spots for the blood drive. The Red Cross told us that with it being a first time blood drive, they would not do that,” Andy said. “So, they gave us 47 spots and we filled them in a little over a week! They have since upped us several times, and every time we have filled the schedule. We are now double (94 spots) the size of the original plan and we know that we can hit 100 units of blood with all the help of our friends, family, and community.”

Jodie added that “We have been working with many local businesses and individuals to collect donations for giveaways as well as food for our donors. We are currently at over $1,300 in giveaways. It is truly amazing to watch this event come together!”

This day is not about Full Armor Wellness or trying to get people to come in and workout, the Wertz family said.

This day is about giving back to our community, and helping to save as many lives as possible. So rest assured that if you volunteer to donate blood, you will be well fed, have a chance at hundreds of dollars in giveaways, but most of all, you are helping to save a human life. Theblood supply in the US drops to critical levels when supplies are not on the shelf. Just one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives.

Sadly, only 37% of the US Population is eligible to donate blood, and out of those, less than 10% actually do annually. Having so many great people in our area willing and able to donate can make a huge impact on our blood banks.

The blood drive is scheduled for Friday, August 30, 2019, noon to 5 p.m.

It will be held at Full Armor Wellness, LLC located at 305 Beech Creek Ave, Mill Hall, PA 17751.

According to their website, Full Armor Wellness is “is more than a gym, it is a boot camp where members get a new and different workout daily.”

You can log onto the American Red Cross website www.redcrossblood.org, to schedule anappointment (if any spots are currently open), and walk-ins are also welcome!

“We will be closed to all evening classes this day in order to fully dedicate our time and attentionto this blood drive,” added Jodie.

“We are beyond blessed to have such great people in our community to be able to have such asuccessful blood drive, and we want to thank you all,” Andy concluded.


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