Climate change: Coming to a theatre near you

LAURA JAMESON/THE EXPRESS Participants in the play “Absolutely Nothing of Any Meaning” are, from left, Chris Stanonis, Jen Gill, Lou Bernard and narrator Nancy Antram. The play is directed by Michelle Long.

MILL HALL — Members of the Lock Haven community and environs will present a climate theatre event called “Act Like Our Lives Depend On It!: An Evening of Readers’ Theatre” on Saturday, Nov. 9 at 7 pm.. on Millbrook Theatre’s Main Stage.

“This is an opportunity for our community to come together to explore climate issues from a variety of interesting, dramatic perspectives,” said Karen Elias, who’s producing the event in conjunction with Millbrook’s artistic director, David Leidholdt.

As part of a worldwide initiative called Climate Change Theatre Action 2019, members of the community will present a series of eight short plays, in readers’ theatre format, designed to poke us, provoke us, and (hopefully) stoke us to think about climate and its impact on our lives. Designed to coincide with the United Nations Santiago Climate Conference (COP 25), the event will use stories rather than invective to stimulate reflection. The event is free; voluntary donations will benefit the Climate Reality Project.

“I’m delighted,” Elias said, “about the way members of the community have expressed their commitment to this issue by volunteering to take a part in the plays.”

The actors will include (in alphabetical order) Stephen Aguirre, Nancy Antram, Lou Bernard, Page Bingham, Carol Cillo, Bonny Farmer, Steve Getz, Jen Gill, Ben Green, Amber Hunter, Laura Jameson, Mary Jo Langston, Vicki Smedley, Karin Sutherland, and Chris Stanonis.

Stephen Aguirre, Jen Gill, Michelle Long, and Michelle Siegel will be directing the plays.

The plays present a variety of perspectives. One of the playwrights, who has written a comedy, believes humor makes universal truths more palatable. Another asks us to think about all the ways our small, seemingly insignificant acts can have a big impact. Many of the plays focus on our unsung environmental heroes and declare that climate change requires a heroism of endurance, of everyday work.

“We believe we’ll all come away from this event more awake to the world around us,” Elias stated, “more ready to ask questions about our collective future, more willing to talk with one another about how we can survive, and thrive, on this small blue marble that we call home. Please join us on November 9.”

Millbrook’s address is: 258 Country Club Lane, Mill Hall, Pa. 17751.

For further information, contact Karen Elias at eliaskaren100@gmail.com


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