Looking for the little things in life


I told my parents this week’s article was about my favorite Thanksgiving memories, which is a lie. I wanted them to be surprised, so let me start off with what this week’s article is really about. Moments that have happened in my life, that made me realize life was more beautiful than it seemed. Moments that held a little brightness in a life and world of fear.

This one is something I did apparently, that brightened a situation like a sun. My mother and father were fighting, and he was trying to get the children away from him, and to not talk to her. I was only three at the time, so I didn’t understand. I went downstairs, and handed her a tissue. It was just a moment of misunderstanding, but I think it let her know that I was there, and that I loved her.

Sunrises, every morning, and sunsets every night. It reminds me that a day can start out beautiful, and end in complete darkness. It also reminds me of the opposite. How a morning can start out so gloomy and boring, and end in the brightest colors. It reminds me that not everything finishes how it starts, and that’s just life.

The first time I was on stage, everything lit up. When I was younger we were just in the cafeteria, but when I was on an actual stage for choir, everything just went away. It’s a great, free feeling. I’m surrounded by a family.

Football games with marching band. It feels as if it’s on a different plane of existence, and I love it so much. Once again, I’m surrounded by family. We’re making weird inside jokes while playing our butts off and freezing to death. It’s my favorite thing and it keeps me going through the week.

Seeing my friends laugh so hard they can’t breathe. This isn’t meant to be mean, but it’s nice to see them so amused by just a simple joke… especially when my friend with overactive tear ducts starts crying over the joke. That’s when I know it’s funny.

Life is hard, but there’s bright little moments that we need to appreciate. Start looking for the little things in life.


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