Rated ‘T’ for Teens: You just can’t write a book

By Taylor Shaffer

Thanksgiving is over, so no more holiday stuff until Christmas! However, I did finish something that could be considered worth celebrating. I believe it’s worth celebrating, anyways. I finished my first book on Wednesday. It took me seven months to complete, but it’s done. I decided to list some things that I did not expect while writing it.

There’s also a lurking anxiety when you’re not working on the book. I’m always thinking of ways I can make it better, and different plot points I could put in. Now, I do get some sense of relief from finishing a chapter, but it’s always followed by the feeling that I need to get the next one done as quickly as I possibly can.

Coming up with creative chapter names is hard. Some people just number theirs, but I enjoy having a little teaser at the beginning to give some insight on what’s happening. It’s difficult to come up with a name that captures a part of the story perfectly.

Names in general are just difficult. If you look at my search history, you’d think I was expecting a baby or something. I have so many different websites I’d use to come up with names for characters. If I needed a name that means fire, you bet I went to Nameberry.com and searched it. The website probably thinks I’m having 15 children at once.

You just can’t write a book. It takes weeks and months of planning, working out plot points, and other things. It’s not an easy process. I had to put every little detail in, precisely. Think of a painter, they put the smallest details that make the painting magnificent. That’s what I had to do for this book, and it was difficult to get everything right.

Make sure you edit things as you go. Read sentences aloud, check grammar and wording. Writing is a wonderful thing, but you need to make sure it’s edited well. You can do it yourself, or you can get an actual editor. I asked my friend to do it, and she’s really good at editing.

Finally, no story idea is completely original. Don’t worry about not being cliche, because no one cares anymore if I’m being honest. People love cliches, or the classic things that happen in almost every story that move the plot along. Cliches are fine, as long as they’re relevant to the plot, and they structure the plot. If they’re just there to be there, then that’s wrong.

Writing a book is a difficult process, but I’m very proud of my book. I hope to have it printed out and maybe published by the end of 2020, but I don’t know if that’ll happen. I don’t have 2020 vision. (If you don’t get the joke, I won’t explain.)


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