LHU Alumni Association establishes Legacy Scholarship

PHOTO PROVIDED From left, Dan Cruttenden, LHU Alumni Association vice president and 1973 alumnus, and Ed Wright, president and 1971 alumnus present a $4,000 check to fund four $1,000 scholarships for incoming legacy students at Lock Haven University.

LOCK HAVEN– The Lock Haven University Alumni Association Board of Directors recently approved the LHU Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship to be awarded starting in the 2020-21 school year.

The scholarship will award up to four legacy students $1,000 per student each year. A legacy student is defined as a child, grandchild, sibling or legally adopted dependent of a Lock Haven University graduate.

“We want to continue our long and storied history of Lock Haven University legacy students following in their relatives’ footsteps,” said Ed Wright, said Ed Wright, Alumni Association president and 1971 alumnus. “We envision these scholarships being a key influencer in the decision-making process of potential legacy students. We are happy to offer these financial incentives to encourage more legacy students to come to our beloved alma mater where we know they will receive an affordable, top-notch education.”

Students eligible to receive the scholarship must have a legacy connection, be an incoming freshman and enroll in at least 12 credits per semester. Selected students will be notified of their eligibility to receive the scholarship upon enrollment. The $1,000 will then be disbursed to recipients at the start of their second semester, provided they have met two additional criteria: continued full-time enrollment of at least 12 credits and attaining a GPA of at least 2.0 during their first semester.

“At Lock Haven University we pride ourselves as being ‘The Haven Family,'” said John Vitale, assistant director of alumni communications and 2013 alumnus. “The Legacy Scholarship is a special way to let our more than 35,000 alumni know that we are committed to carrying on the tradition of The Haven Family long after they have graduated, and that we are eager to welcome their children as members of The Haven Family too.”

Recipients will be selected at the discretion of the LHU Admissions Office, with preference being on a first-come, first-served basis. The admissions team consists of four recruiters who oversee regional territories. Each recruiter will have one Legacy Scholarship to award, ensuring that legacy students throughout Pennsylvania and beyond will have equal access and eligibility to receive one of the four annual scholarships.

For more information on Lock Haven University, visit www.lockhaven.edu, email admissions@lockhaven.edu, or call 570-484-2011.


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