New Love Center serves 11,395 people in 2019

JERSEY SHORE — The New Love Center served 11,395 people last year. That includes 1,299 households in Clinton County and 3,412 households in Lycoming County.

The number of client households in Clinton County increased by 301 since 2018 and the number of client households in Lycoming County decreased by 407 since 2018, for a total number of people served at the center decreasing by 42 since 2018.

The New Love Center Food Pantry is operated by all volunteers, who numbered 3,217 in 2019 and donated 10,702 hours.

“While we are grateful for so many people who donate food and money to make the New Love Center a reality, I especially want to recognize the volunteers who make this massive operation a reality. People who work week after week so that people in this area do not go hungry,” said Pastor Kerry Aucker, Food Pantry administrator.

“I am told we are the second largest food pantry in the northern tier of the central Pennsylvania Food Bank region,” he said.

Aucker said many volunteers not only give of their time, but purchase diapers to donate, use their trucks to pick up food and haul boxes to recycling and pay for the gas out of their own pockets.

“I give a high-five to our volunteers who pack the backpacks and take them to schools so that 200 students have backpack of food to take home every Friday for the weekend,” Aucker continued.

In December, 1,092 people and 432 households were served and new clients totalled 69. A total of 256 volunteers donated 825 hours.

Also, 101 senior boxes and 111 MilitaryShare boxes were distributed at the American Legion. Volunteers from Phelps Chapel packed 200 backpacks for distribution two weeks in December.

Donations of food in December totaled 3,643 pounds, including 669 pounds from Lingle’s Neighborhood Market and 2,203 pounds from Weis. Another 756 pounds of food came from churches, organizations and individuals.

Donations needed during the coming months are: January- Peanut butter; February-Mayonnaise; March – Scalloped potatoes; April- Spaghetti sauce and May-Pork and Beans.