‘Found by Time’

Bellefonte Area Middle School student gets his first book published

CHRIS MORELLI/THE EXPRESS Bellefonte Area Middle School seventh grader Daniel Weaver poses with his book, “Found by Time,” which was recently published by ReadyAimWrite Kids.

BELLEFONTE — Daniel Weaver is in the seventh grade at Bellefonte Area Middle School. He’s an accomplished student and plays football there.

He recently added something else to his list of accomplishments — published author.

On Thursday night, Bellefonte Area High School played host to a book signing for Weaver’s first-ever book, “Found by Time.” Parents, fellow students, friends and family lined up to get signed copies of his debut book.

“This is such a special occasion,” Weaver said of the book signing.

The book, Weaver said, is about two college students, Anthony and Isaiah, who take part in a scavenger hunt that takes place just once a year. There are untold powers and bragging rights involved with the scavenger hunt. Other than that, Weaver couldn’t talk much about the plot.

CHRIS MORELLI/THE EXPRESS Parents and students line up to get a signed copy of Daniel Weaver’s book, “Found by Time” on Thursday night at Bellefonte Area High School.

“Spoilers,” he said.

Weaver wrote “Found by Time” during the summer of 2019 between his sixth- and seventh-grade years. It was recently published by ReadyAimWrite Kids, a branch of the Harrisburg-based company ReadyAimWrite Publishing, owned by author Stephen Kozan.

According to Weaver, writing the book was definitely a process.

“I would say (the hardest part) was coming up with the ideas for the chapters and just coming up with the characters themselves,” Weaver said.

He would put his ideas on a notepad to start. However, he wrote the book in Google Docs. And once he sat down with a goal in mind, the words just began to flow and the book took shape in less than two months.

CHRIS MORELLI/THE EXPRESS Bellefonte Area Middle School student Daniel Weaver talks with fellow author Stephen Kozan at Weaver’s book signing on Thursday night at Bellefonte Area High School. Weaver was signing copies of his new book, “Found by Time.”

“My Mom would read the chapters and tell me if there were any obvious typos. After it was done, it was sent to an editing team,” Weaver said.

Weaver is the second Bellefonte Area Middle School student to write and publish a book through Kozan’s publishing company. In 2018, BAMS student Annie Cernuska, now a seventh grader herself, wrote a book called “The Hunter Voyage.”

Kozan was on hand for the book signing Thursday night and talked about the process of getting young authors published.

“I do author visits all around the country. I talk about the writing, the illustrating proces and the publishing process during my presentation. In the last 20 to 25 minutes, we do a ‘flash fiction’ contest and that’s where the students provide a fictional story on a side of one sheet of paper. I collect all those stories, narrow it down to some finalists and they give me some more information. Then I choose a winner,” Kozan said.

Weaver was one of five finalists and was eventually selected as the contest’s winner.

CHRIS MORELLI/THE EXPRESS Copies of Daniel Weaver’s book, “Found By Time” are available from the Harrisburg-based ReadyAimWrite publishing.

“The next four to six months he works on the book, all stemming from that one flash fiction,” Kozan said. “It’s neat to see an entire book all stem from one piece of paper.”

More than 100 BAMS students took part in the flash fiction competition. Winning, Kozan said, is quite a feather in Weaver’s cap.

“This is first time we’ve had two authors in the same district, the first time we’ve had book releases in back-to-back years,” Kozan said.

Weaver is hopeful that this is his first of many published works.

“I might write a sci-fi because I really like sci-fi,” Weaver said. “If I have a chance, I would really like to write another book.”


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