JS High School leads in Stock Market Challenge

MILL HALL — The first week is in the books for the Clinton County/Woodlands Bank Stock Market Challenge with PennCFL.

And Jersey Shore High School, under the direction of teacher Harvey Barnhart, is in the lead. Its portfolio stands at $104,640.28 after Week One.

In second place is Sugar Valley Rural Charter School with $100,511.01 in its portfolio. Central Mountain High School sits in third place with $100,052.06.

Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy president Alan W. Dakey talked about the significance of the Stock Market Challenge. He said: “Our students in the community are rapidly moving toward adulthood. As recent studies show, young people have difficulty managing their income and saving for their future. With the uncertainty of social security for future generations, learning to save and invest small amounts over time is an important life skill.

“The Pennsylvania Council on Financial Literacy (PennCFL) believes in the importance of financial literacy. Through your support, your students in the valley have been provided the opportunity to participate in a program called the PennCFL Stock Market Challenge. Three independent studies have shown that using this program has increased test scores in Personal Finance, Economics and Math up to 10%. More importantly, they will learn about industries, companies, the role of government, markets and simply better understand how our economy works.

“Our financial literacy programs expose students to real-world situations that increase their personal finance knowledge and allow them to use their talents and skills to enhance their financial well-being.

“Our partner, StockTrak provides significant resources to assist teachers and students in gaining knowledge about critical areas in personal finance. Our Stock Market Competition provides an enjoyable learning opportunity for students while providing real-world investment experience and knowledge.”