Visitors welcomed to western Clinton County


Although it’s been an admittedly slow start in regard to visitors, the PA State Flaming Foliage Festival’s Visitors Center opened recently as the dedicated volunteers have resumed hours being available to help passersby with directions or local information regarding western Clinton County. For eight years volunteers such as Pat Lundfelt, pictured above, have opened the center on a strictly voluntary basis after funding to pay those hosts was pulled. Even COVID-19 has not deterred the friendly smiles and greetings from those involved. Pat said that she hasn’t seen the normal travel through the area so far this summer, recalling trails of even international travelers from places as far away as Japan that she has assisted in the past. It’s commonplace to see those keeping the center open, cleaning up around the center or posting current events on the community billboard. In addition to Pat other volunteers are Dick and Millie Grenell, Patty Lacy, Dennis Smith and JoAnn Francis.


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