Calendar of summer activities for kids begins

LOCK HAVEN — Schools have been closed since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some might think children are having a great time during this extra long summer vacation.

But that’s not always the case.

Some of the youngsters are bored to death and their families don’t know how to help.

They’ve watched as much television as they can stand. Their video games are getting old. The places they enjoyed going to, like the movies, playgrounds, swimming pools, play dates and parties at friends’ homes, are all prohibited.

Yes, there’s lots of time for TV and sleeping late in the morning, but they miss their friends. They miss their schools, gathering with classmates, walking through the halls and eating lunch in the cafeteria with their gal pals and buddies. They even miss their teachers. And their teachers miss them, too.

Knowing that, a group of local individuals got together a couple weeks ago to discuss the lack of acivities for children in the community due to the COVID.

Spearheaded by Keystone Central School Board President Bo Miller, the group expanded to #KeystoneCares. Keystone Cares is a group of community members, agencies, businesses, school district staff and many otheres who are dedicated to the children and families of Clinton County.

“After a few meetings and community outreach, the group was able to compile a fantastic list of both virtual and small gathering activities for children and families,” said Clinton County Commissioner Angela Harding.

“We stress the importance of following CDC guidelines and recommendations,” Harding emphasized.

Tristan Rock from Clinton County Children and Youth compiled, organized and created the Clinton County Summer Activity Calendar, which lists activities for children and their families from July 12 through Aug. 15.

The activities include preschool cooking camps, essay contests, art contests, reading competition, rock painting, a Heisey House fun learning event, videos and crafts, reading under the lights at Triangle Park, environmental zoom webinar on instects, scavenger hunt, a lesson on Monarch butterflies, coloring contest, story time, Bingo on Zoom, summer games, trivia on Kahoot, family movie night and more.

“We hope this calendar of events brings joy and fun to your summer,” Harding said.

Beginning today and continuing each week throughout the length of the calendar, The Express will list activities, including times and places and how to register, for the coming week in Saturday’s paper. Look for them under the header – Summer Activity Calendar — on Page A-2, where the first week’s list can be found today.


For questions contact Angela Harding at AHarding@ClintonCountyPA.com or 570-893-4000 Ext. 3211.


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