Personal trainer competing for Ms. Health and Fitness

Photo Provided Tami Peddigree uses drum sticks during her fitness program.

JERSEY SHORE — Tami Peddigree, a local personal trainer and group fitness instructor, is competing for the title of Ms. Health and Fitness.The title brings with it $20,000 and her photo on the cover of Hers Muscle and Fitness magazine.

The Jersey Shore woman is CEO of The Curvy Mermaid and creator of Drum-Late.

Peddigree’s program is held in the Jersey YMCA, and she also has instructors who teach at the Lock Haven YMCA.

“My program is available on TriadXP app on your smart device, and a downloadable version at www.drum-late.com,” she said.

She prides herself in motivating people of all shapes, sizes, ages and athletic abilities to get them moving and live a happier, healthier life style. Her students are mostly women, but there are also men and children ages 10 to 60. She said she modifies her program for beginners to advance students.

“This is very exciting to have this chance to represent our community, to represent curvy women, who can have their lifestyle just like I did, at any age, any size and any athletic ability,” Peddigree said of making it to the finals in the competition.

Voting in the competition begins on July 20 at 2 p.m.

Here’s Tami’s story:

“She wasn’t always active and healthy. She weighed over 300 pounds five years ago. She was battling depression. She was prediabetic and had high cholesterol. She battles OA which made it hard for to get out of bed each morning at the age of 35. It was affecting her mentally, physically, her career, involvement in her daughter’s life, plus more.

It was time for a change, not just to lose weight, but to change her mind, to be stronger, to have more energy for herself and for her family.

She started to exercise and with eating clean she immediately started to feel better. She was spending hours on treadmills, bikes, and all kinds of machines, but boredom started to set in. She was losing interest quickly. But instead of giving up, her friend took her to her first dance aerobics class, and at that moment, she instantly fell in love with group fitness. She found herself following all the programs her gym had to offer … like kick boxing, step aerobics, yoga and more.

The weight began to melt away quickly. Her stamina and energy levels were at an all-time high. This was the year for Tami. This was the year she wasn’t giving up.

The weight started to fall off and it did not go unnoticed. Her gym asked her to become a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. Numbers were low, especially group fitness class numbers. She began to do research on different programs, but just could not find one that really gave her the sweat she was looking for. She wanted more, so she took everything she loved about what she had learned through years of experience of attending classes, trainings, and a ton of research.

It was then Drum-Late was born.

Tami is not your normal fitness instructor and Drum-Late is not your normal fitness program. It is designed to keep you upbeat, motivated and moving all year round, not just a few months out of the year.

Drum-late is a 45-minute cardio workout mixing in fun aerobic drumming, power pilate, interval drills, choreographed into a super fun and sweaty aerobic dance routine. Improve your mind while losing inches and weight.

Everything is more fun when you add sticks to your workout.”


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