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to all the area students and teachers who are able to get back to school this week.

Word of the Day

Codicil — Law. A supplement or appendix to a will.

Quote of the Day

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

— Maya Angelou

The snow is

almost gone

A couple weeks ago when the area was quickly covered in up to two feet of snow, we thought it would never go away. But it has… mostly. It’s amazing how the white fluffy stuff can come and go so quickly, leaving little time for youngsters to enjoy it and lots of time for adults to clean it up.

Books only, PLEASE

The Downtown Lock Haven’s Little Red Libraries are for reading material only. There have been well meaning people putting in dog biscuits, knitted items and other things in the Little Red Libraries. Due to Covid-19, we will remove anything other than suitable reading materials from the libraries. No stickers with QR codes and other types of signs are allowed be put onto the Libraries and will also be removed from the Little Red Libraries. They are there for children and adults to enjoy and select reading materials. The Downtown Lock Haven Rotary plans to put up TWO more Little Red Libraries this year.

Life Skills

for Teens

The Independent Living Program will be offering two free public life skills lessons for teens through Zoom in January. These lessons are open to all teens in Clinton County in 6th-12th grade. Our focus in January will be on personal finance and financial aid. All youth who attend will be entered in a drawing to win a gift card. Please feel free to contact Clarissa Shirk with any questions by email at cshirk@clintoncountypa.com or by calling 570-230-8604.


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