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and Happy Birthday to Marilyn Welshans, Greenburr, Sugar Valley (belated) …Peggy Long of Howard.

Quote of the Day

“Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.”

— Theodore


Word of the Day

Numen — A presiding divinity or spirit of a place.

Check out the downtown

Have you had the chance to walk down Main Street lately and check out the downtown? If you haven’t, you should. There are some big changes…. mainly some brand new stores just right for your shopping needs. There are two women’s clothing stores and a clothing/variety store that opened just in time for Christmas and a bakery to fill your sweet tooth. And later this week, a men’s clothing store is opening to the public. Isn’t it neat to see our downtown shopping district begin to emerge again? Everyone’s excited. You will be, too!

Pennsylvania Trivia

–What is the state tree? Hemlock

–What is the state fish? Brook Trout

— What is Pennsylvania’s most valuable mineral? Coal

–How many counties are in Pennsylvania? 67

–How does Pennsylvania rank in size among the 50 states? 33rd

–How many state parks are there in Pennsylvania? 117

–How many school districts are there in Pennsylvania? 501

— Where is the oldest gas station in the United States located? Altoona, Pa.

–The first drive-in gas station was located in? Pittsburgh

— The first US coast-to-coast highway in the US was? Route 30

–What year did Pennsylvania become a state? 1787

— What is the highest point in Pennsylvania? Mount Davis

— What is the lowest elevation in Pennsylvania? Delaware River

— How long is a Pennsylvania Governor elected for? 4 years

— Who was the only US President from Pennsylvania? James Buchanan


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