New realty office opens in Lock Haven

CHASE BOTTORF/THE EXPRESS Dave Winkleman, his family and assistant cut the ribbon to his new office at 57 Bellefonte Ave., in Lock Haven on Friday. From left are Kaden Winkleman; Bailey Hoch; Bentley Hoch; Aly Hoch; Dave’s wife; Jennie Andrews; Dave; Gabe Winkleman; Titus Winkleman; Ari Winkleman and Vanessa Winkleman.

LOCK HAVEN — A new real estate agency has opened up in the city of Lock Haven. Anchor Realty, LLC is the ninth new business to open up in Lock Haven since October.

Broker-Owner Dave Winkleman held a grand opening for the realty on Friday to a joyous crowd. They watched as he cut the ribbon with his family at his side.

Winkleman decided to open up his very own real estate business after working close to a decade in the industry.

“I have been in real estate for eight years now, originally working with First Choice Realty in Jersey Shore. I then got my brokers license at the end of last year,” said Winkleman. “I decided that it was time to step out and do my own thing.”

While a broker, Winkleman is currently the lone and primary real estate agent at Anchor Realty.

“Currently, I am the only agent here for the time being. My wife, Jennie Andrews, is going to do the office administration and marketing. I also have an assistant, Aly Hoch, who is going to help me with transaction records and stuff like that,” he said.

“Jennie is actually the one that designed our wonderful logo for the realty,” he added.

Despite leaving First Choice, he was able to carry a few of his clients over to his new place of operations.

“I have a couple of listings that have carried over from First Choice and I have a few listings that I will be signing this week,” he said.

Being that Anchor Realty has just opened, Winkleman is excited to focus on his young business.

“My focus for this year is to set out and build a foundation for the place. I do not really plan on recruiting any new agents during this time but eventually by the end of the year or next year, we will work on that,” he explained. “I do already have a number of buyers that I am working with along with a couple of investor clients that will also work with me here.”

On top of taking the year to work on the foundation for the realty, he has no plans on creating a large brokerage in the area.

“I do not really plan on being a big brokerage and having over 20 agents,” he said. “If I could bring in about four good agents, and focus on that effort, that is where we want to go with this place.”

Winkleman decided to set up shop in the town he has grown up with and loved.

“It was a natural fit to stay in Lock Haven, having lived in Clinton County my whole life and growing up in Avis. Since I have worked in real estate, 70 percent of my production has been within the county and the Lock Haven area.”

“The location that we are setting up in was the biggest selling point. Right here, this is one of the busiest traffic areas in the city. When it became available, I was not going to let it go,” he said.

The main focus that Anchor Reality will have is selling residential property in the Clinton and Lycoming counties. Winkleman also has plans on expanding into the Lamar and Bellefonte areas on the edge of Centre County.

“Our primary focus in real estate is with residential. We do a little bit of commercial real estate but we shine best with residential properties,” he explained.

Anchor Realty will offer promotions for select property buyers.

“One of the things we are doing for a buyer clients is if they are a veteran or a first responder, we will offer credit them back the cost of the appraisal. It is a way to say thank you for their service,” explained Winkleman. “We also offer a 90-day guarantee on all of our sales. If I do not sell your house in 90 days, I will work for free.”

Anchor Realty is located on 57 Bellefonte Ave. in the city of Lock Haven.

For more information about Anchor Realty, visit www.anchor.homes, call (570) 858-0777 or email Winkleman at dwinkle81@gmail.com.


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