Acorn School takes a field trip to Lucky 7 Travel Plaza


The Acorn School took a field trip/walk to the Lucky 7 Travel Plaza on East Walnut Street in Lock Haven. Students had many parent volunteers that walked with their children. Children “earned” money in the classroom. If they were caught being good helpers, a good friend, using manners, following rules and directions, they earned a quarter. Each child earned enough money to buy a slushie at Lucky 7 Travel Plaza — blue raspberry was the favorite. As a class, they discussed being responsible with money. They were excited to earn money to purchase the slushie and they paid the cashier themselves. Teachers are Miss Missy and Miss Malinda. The school thanked Manager Sunjeet Singh and his staff for making the field trip a great time. Acorn School is now accepting applications for the fall. If interested, please call 570-748-5991 or find Acorn School on Facebook. Pictured above, students hold their slushies up proudly outside of Lucky 7 Travel Plaza.


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