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and Happy Birthday to Preston Wert, of Howard!

Happy Birthday

to Curt Willar and Greg Marr who celebrate on Dec. 25!

Christmas Facts

With Christmas just a day away, here at The Express we’ve compiled a few interesting facts about the holiday for our readers:

— The term ‘Xmas’ simply means Christmas.

The use of the term ‘Xmas’ dates back to the 16th century. The ‘X’ in the word Xmas comes from the ancient Greek language. In Greek, Christ begins with the letter X. So, Xmas simply means Christmas.

— Santa Claus did not always dress up in red clothes.

— Santa Claus initially wore clothes that were in green, purple, or blue. For many years, this was the common theme for the jolly old man at the North Pole. However, Coca Cola decided to dress him up in colours that matched their brand, and that stuck. So this is why he is always in red clothes now!

— Santa gets a lot of work done with the help of elves!

One of the reasons Santa can make his marathon runs through the day and give gifts to the kids all over the world is due to the help of elves. The merry spirit of Christmas is because of these cheerful workers and their commitment to the kids of the world.


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