Local twist: Lock Haven Monopoly proves to be big hit at Mill Hall Walmart

BETHANY BARRETT/THE EXPRESS Lock Haven Express employees couldn’t help themselves but to check out Lock Haven-oply.

MILL HALL — It’s monopoly but with a local twist.

Lock Haven Monopoly is a big hit at Mill Hall Walmart, selling out as fast as employees can fill the shelves.

According to Pam Koutz, a coach at Mill Hall Walmart, over 1,400 copies have been sold so far.

The game, awaiting another large shipment, is anticipated to sell quickly, as the store continues to receive calls from people asking for the new game.

“It’s done really well for us. People are calling in almost everyday to see if we have them. The first two shipments of 360 sold out in a couple of hours. Two weeks later we once again sold out. Last delivery we got 720 and within five days that was all gone,” Koutz said.

BETHANY BARRETT/THE EXPRESS Lock Haven Express employees couldn’t help themselves but to check out Lock Haven-oply.

The game includes references to local restaurants, stores, streets, popular spots and more.

Some of these include Lock Haven City Beach, Fox’s Market House Restaurant, Old Corner Bottle Shop, The Texas Lunch, Millbrook Playhouse, the Labor Day Regatta, The Roxy Movie Theater, Heisey Museum, Piper Aviation Museum, Avenue 209, The Main Street Grill, references to Lock Haven University spots and more.

There are also a number of Lock Haven area street references, such as Main Street, Water Street and Bellefonte Avenue.

A company called Late for the Sky allows anyone to customize the classic and well-known game of Monopoly.

“Once they had a rough draft they sent us a copy of it and they wanted to know if you wanted local businesses or to switch it up. It’s a game for your town so you make it to fit your area,” Koutz said.

The idea to create a Lock Haven themed board came from one of Mill Hall’s employees.

Along with locals lining up to get their own copy of the game, people from out of town are ordering their own, too.

“It’s a big seller, people seem to really be enjoying it. People are also buying it from out of town who used to live in Lock Haven, and Walmart sends it out to them,” said Koutz.

The game is expected to continue to sell out fast as it has been since they first got it in sometime before Christmas.

Mill Hall Walmart has been updating its followers whenever new shipments of the game arrive, and have said that they will continue to do so.


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