Bring in the band and some ice cream sundaes

PHOTO PROVIDED The band Snug plays in the middle school auditorium.


Every quarter, Central Mountain Middle School hosts rewards for the students.

For the 3rd quarter of this past school year, the reward was ice cream sundaes and a concert!

The reward took place on Thursday, April 4th. It was free to attend for students without any discipline referrals. However, if a student had one detention, they had to pay five pride paws (the school’s currency) to get into the reward. If a student had two detentions, they had to pay ten pride paws to get into the reward. If a student had three detentions, ISS or OSS they were not eligible to attend the reward.

The concert was in the auditorium. Mr. Wert’s band, Snug played for students. Mr. Wert is a 7th and 8th grade math teacher. Who knew that a math teacher would have a band!

There were two groups: Group A and Group B. Group A went to the cafeteria to enjoy ice cream sundaes first, then had the opportunity to listen to the band. Group B was in the auditorium listening and dancing to Snug and then enjoyed their ice cream sundaes after that.

The band played songs like Radio Active, Foot Loose, Nothing Holding me Back, Shape of You, Low by Flo Ryder, Baby Shark, Wagon Wheel, and Demons by Imagine Dragons. In the cafeteria students were permitted to sit with friends and talk. After eating ice cream, some students went into the gymnasium to play a game of Knock Out, which is a game played with basketballs.

The SWPBS teacher team planned this amazing reward for students!

Thank you SNUG for giving your time to CMMS! We truly appreciate it!!


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