CMMS’ new Poetry Club

PHOTO PROVIDED CMMS Poetry Club members include, from left, Sophie Leupold, Kaylee Pearsall, Keely Rohrbach, Makenna Stratts, Michelle Johnson, Annalise Mann and Malea Embick.


Seventh and eighth grade english and reading teacher, Mrs. Julie Proctor, created a club called “Mrs. Proctor’s Poetry Group.”

The group met every Monday and Tuesday during homeroom. The purpose of the group was to get together and write. Mrs. Proctor gave the group a variety of writing tasks to complete.

Recently, she gave the group an object to compare themselves to. Those ideas were then turned into a poem. Mrs. Proctor got this idea from a poem read in her honors strategic reading course called “Quilts” by Nikki Giovonni. In the poem, the author compares herself to a tablecloth. This concept inspired Mrs. Proctor to have students write poetry comparing a person to an object.

“I was just thrilled to have a wonderful group of students to spend time with talking about writing and actually writing poetry,” Mrs. Proctor stated.

She also said that her favorite quote comes from the writer Alexandra K. Trenfor, “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” This was the approach Mrs. Proctor took as she encouraged each writer in her poetry group.

Mrs. Proctor’s goal in groups such as this is to create a safe and comfortable environment for students to share their writing as well as an outlet to bounce ideas off of.


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