The other life of a middle school teacher



Have you ever wondered what your teachers do outside of school?

Well Central Mountain Middle School students did some research to find out! We interviewed many staff members from CMMS to find out about their lives both in school and outside of school.

Students always wonder, “Do teachers have rules that they must follow?”

Well, yes they do!

Many of the teachers said that they are required to follow the Code of Conduct for educators and some said that they must dress professionally unless there is a dress down day. Foreign language teacher, Mrs. Boyle and Art teacher, Mrs. McCann said they have to be at school earlier than the students. Many teachers also mentioned that there is a lot of paperwork that has due dates.

They are expected to turn paperwork in on time.

Some teachers have had dreams of doing a job other than teaching! We learned some very interesting facts about some of our teachers. Sixth grade teacher, Mr. Gill has always wanted to work with giraffes in the safari.

When secretary, Ms. Donna was in high school she wanted to be a medical technologist. Our secretary, Miss Hollie had high hopes of becoming a crime scene investigator at one point in her life.

Sixth grade teacher, Mr. Meeker had hopes of being a successful hunter or fisherman on ESPN someday (he better keep practicing those hunting and fishing skills). Math teacher, Mr. Wert dreamed of one day becoming a sport announcer.

When 7th grade teacher Ms. Dangle started college she wanted to be a reporter for the Dallas Cowboys, but then decided to enter the education field.

Our CMMS teachers and staff also have a wide variety of hobbies outside of the classroom.

Many of our teachers enjoy being outside and enjoying our beautiful community. Many of our teachers have their own children and outside of school spend time taking them to their activities and attending sporting events together.

Mrs. O and Miss Hollie enjoy doing photography.

Mr. Wert loves to sing and is in a band.

Mrs. Serafini enjoys shopping.

Our teachers have “happy places” outside of their classrooms! The beach was a favorite by many of our teachers! Mr. Gill enjoys the peace he has when is on his lawn mower. Mrs. Davis and Miss Hollie love going to Disney World. Ms. Dangle loves going to Chocolate World in Hershey, Pa.

Our teachers deserve to enjoy some of their favorite things after a long school year!

The entire staff works so hard to find the best in each and every student! We wish the very best to all the staff at CMMS because we know how much they care about us throughout the school year.


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