CMMS fields competitive fall boys and girls sports teams

By Adalynn McKeague

and Cassidy Martin

This year Central Mountain Middle School had seven fall sports teams: Football, cheerleading, boys and girls soccer, volleyball, softball, and tennis.

These teams each had good seasons. All students worked hard on and off the field to be not just good players but good students as well.

Tom Temple coached this year’s Jr. High football team. When asked about what they wanted to achieve this season Connor Foltz #22 said, ” to win more than three games,” Rocco Serafini #33 said, “to have a winning record.” Ashton Bennett #28 was asked about why he wanted to play football; he answered, ” It’s fun and I have played since I was 7 years old.” The question of how preseason helps was asked to Dominic Longworth #89, he said, “It gives us an idea of what the game is all about.” So all in all the Jr. High Football team had a good year with an ending record of 2-8.

Dee Genizel coached cheerleading. The cheerleading team’s season depends on the football team so they want the football team to do their best. When asked about what they want to accomplish this season Cali Levi said “to do great and win as many games as possible.” Madison Ruggers was asked about pre-season and how it helped. She responded with ” remember cheers, chants, stunts, and understand football better.” The cheerleading team’s pre-game traditions include a stuffed Peppa Pig they bring to every game.

Kevin Hook and Christian Wein coached Boys Soccer. Payton Jones #2 said he wanted to ” have a winning record” this year when we asked him what he would like to improve on this season. We asked Bronson Brungard #14 why he wanted to play soccer and he said, ” I have been playing since I was 3.” Pierce long said pre-season had ” a lot of conditioning but it helped us get in shape.”

The soccer team had a good year with an ending record of 2-6-3

Mitch Christenson coached the girl’s soccer team. When asked about their goals for the season Taylor Koch said ” win as much as we can, come back to beat Altoona.” Jazzy Anderson was asked why she wanted to play soccer she said, ” it’s a lot of fun” When asked about how pre season helped Ava Renninger said “got us in shape.” Girl’s soccer had one of their best seasons yet with an ending record of 9-2

Phil Brinker and Chip McCann coached the Junior High volleyball this year. Team captain Kendlynn Bair said she wanted the team to ” win more and improve our skills.” Anna Remick was asked about pre-season and she said it ” gets you to know the game.”

Ashley Keeler and Heidi Shoemaker coached softball. Madi Wian’s goal for this season was “to win all of our games” when asked why she wanted to play Harley Kunes said, ” My cousin did it and I grew up around it.” Then ending records for softball were 9-1 and 7-3.


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