CMMS Lunch League

PHOTOS PROVIDED Students at Central Mountain Middle School participate in Lunch League in the gymnasium.

By Jaycob Diaz

This summer CMMS Principal Dave Peters, Superintendent Jacque Martin and Physical Education teacher Don Mansfield sat down and discussed an indoor and outdoor activity option for students at CMMS.

Students report to the gym on their designated Intervention time and they have the opportunity to participate in many different physical activities.

To be eligible for Lunch League students must meet specific academic and behavioral requirements. Any student who does not have an 85% or higher in each class is not permitted to attend. Further, any student who has had behavioral issues such as detention, ISS, or OSS may also not attend for the week. These academic and behavior requirements are very motivating to students because they want to be able to attend each week.

Don Mansfield, CMMS PE teacher said they started Lunch League for students to get physical exercise, have fun, and talk with friends.

CMMs student and Lunch League member, Logan Phillips said they have been playing soccer and tennis. Phillips said he is having a great time at Lunch League. He wants to go to Lunch League each week to be able to be with his friends, play and have a good time.

Lunch League will continue for the whole year and the students are excited for what is in store for them throughout the year.


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