Geisinger received AIDS Resource award


Dr. Darrell McBride, Geisinger Medical Center, Infectious Diseases Department, Danville, is shown with AIDS Resource award. AIDS Resource, Inc., a community-based health and social service agency, has recognized Geisinger a Community Partner Award to honor their efforts in providing compassionate and inclusive services for people living with HIV and AIDS in the region. The award was presented to Dr. McBride by Kirsten Burkhart, Executive Director, AIDS Resource. Burkhart noted “Geisinger has demonstrated a major commitment to our clients and has provided fantastic care. Their staff go out of their way to be respectful and non-judgmental in their care for our clients. Geisinger even initiated a monthly clinic in Lycoming County so our clients may reduce their travel to Danville. We really appreciate the support Geisinger continues to show in strengthening the medical services for our clients. They are very community-minded.”