When you realize you can hear better


One of the favorite parts of my job is hearing the reactions of my patients when they come back for the one week follow-up after getting hearing aids for the first time.

Patients have told me dozens of things through the years about comprehending that they hear better. The example I am using today is used with permission.

One of the most common statements is “I can even hear the birds again!” That is why I named my clinic Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center.

It was named directly for having heard that common reaction used so many times. Some patients have mentioned hearing turn signals, clocks ticking,rocking chairs squeaking, neighbor’s wind chimes, music on the radio, and conversations improved on the TV and most importantly in person with their families and friends.

The first week of January I heard a particularly touching story that, again, I asked permission to relay to you without identifying the patient.

A man in our community got his hearing aids right before Christmas. He and his family were rejoicing that he could hear better for the holidays, but it was Christmas morning that most touched him. He has a small grandson that he always assumed had a speech impediment.

He said, “It was awkward and I assumed my wife had discussed it with our daughter, the little boy’s mother, so I had never talked with family about my grandson’s speech problems.

On Christmas morning as I heard my grandson speak clearly I suddenly realized it me and not him that had the impairment. Tears moistened my eyes when I suddenly realized how badly I heard and now how much better I could hear with my hearing aids. I rejoiced that he did not have a speech problem and rejoiced that I had finally addressed my own hearing problems.”

A hearing test can show you a graph of how poorly you hear, but it really takes hearing better to actually realize how distorted and difficult life can be with poor hearing. Hearing care is health care. If you have the symptoms of hearing loss let a professional help you find out why.

The hearing professional will help you sort out the technology level to meet your need, your budget, and answer your hearing need questions. Hearing better through hearing aids will bring the clarity of life and the realization of how life and family should sound.


Jeffrey L. Bayliff, NBC-HIS is owner of Hear the Birds Hearing Aid Center, Lock Haven, PA