Geisinger receives grant for two airflow projects

JERSEY SHORE — The West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund (WPPSEF) has presented Geisinger with a $35,180 grant for airflow optimization projects at Geisinger Gray’s Woods Clinic and Geisinger Jersey Shore Hospital. The projects are anticipated to benefit West Penn Power ratepayers by reducing peak load and demand, lessening greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions.

According to the Healthcare Energy Impact Calculator, this energy savings offsets around $70,000 in negative environmental and health impacts annually. More than 700,500 kilowatt hours will be saved every year through this grant.

The projects center around an air-optimization strategy that will help keep the buildings at a comfortable setting. The projects include reducing ventilation air flow and using unoccupied settings and strategies, while maintaining code compliance. This WPPSEF grant will offset the costs of a larger energy strategy Geisinger is using at the two campuses.

“We thank WPPSEF for their grant, and for helping Geisinger further our commitment to the health of our neighbors and environment,” said Mike Gerrity, Geisinger Energy Manager. “Cost savings associated with energy-efficiency projects can be reinvested into patient care and into future energy savings.”

Geisinger is a healthcare industry leader in energy-efficient project development. The system has executed several energy efficiency projects in the past decade and has seen the financial, comfort and health-related benefits of this work.

“Geisinger is a leader in reducing their energy use and reinvesting their energy savings into delivering their core healthcare programs. We believe the airflow projects which WPPSEF is co-funding at Geisinger’s Grays Woods Clinic and Jersey Shore Hospital will serve as model by which other hospitals can learn from,” said Joel Morrison, WPPSEF Fund Administrator.