Eagle Ridge Personal Care Home offers ‘utmost care for loved ones’

PHOTO PROVIDED Eagle Ridge Personal Care Home is located on Renovo Road.

MILL HALL — Eagle Ridge Personal Care Home promises the utmost form of care for your loved ones.

Located on Renovo Road, Eagle Ridge is owned by the Stem family. “My parents, Lisa and Steve, purchased the nursing home back in 2012,” said Travis Stem, acting administrator of the home.

The Stem family has had a deep rooted impact with the personal care world for many years now.

“My mother was the head nurse at Healthsouth Rehabilitation Center. She essentially got tired of having to go up to the chain of communications to get residents what they needed. So, in 1996, she decided that she was going to open up her own personal care home,” said Stem. “Her and my father opened up and ran their own 17 bed personal care home in 1997 in Milesburg until they took up ownership of Eagle Ridge. I pretty much grew up in this business.”

“I ended up going to Lock Haven University where I got my degree in business and administration in 2011. We purchased this place in 2012 and I have been the acting administrator ever since,” he added.

Eagle Ridge promotes a smaller and more close-knit caring experience towards the residents that come in, with a max of 20 spaces for rent. “Currently, we have 15 residents staying here at our nursing home, with more spots open for new residents,” said Stem.

The staff comprises 15 nurses including Stem himself.

“We have at max one person to assist each resident. We help with coordinating residents’ medications, hygiene with bathing, brushing their teeth, stuff like that. We also help with ergonomic training, ambulation, and help with transfers,” he explained. “On top of that, we help with room cleaning and laundry, and all of that.”

The price for a space at Eagle Ridge is judged by room from a range of $95 up to around $180 per day for a single resident occupancy, according to Stem.

Eagle Ridge is open to a wide variety of eldery residents he says, “We supply spaces for residents that fall under a wide range of categories depending on what level they are at. That includes people who need help with medications, hospice patients, dementia patients, and so on and so forth.”

Eagle Ridge has entertainment for their residents as well. “We sometimes bring in singers from the boys camp down the road, we have hairdressers that come in to do hair, stuff like that. Unfortunately as of recent with the pandemic, it has been difficult to supply our residents with certain accommodations like that.”

Eagle Ridge supplies amenities for residents that include beds, night stands, lamps, chairs, all of the basics. Residents may also bring in their own stuff for their rooms as well.

The pandemic has become an issue for the residents and staff of the nursing home.

“Socialization has been the most difficult thing for us with our residents. We see that elderly residents that socialize with each other tend to do better because it is something that is needed. Unfortunately, they have not been able to get it. With this isolation due to regulation, we could not allow residents to see their other housemates or even family members because of the risk,” expressed Stem. “Luckily now, we are over that stage and hopefully will stay over it with the vaccinations coming out.”

Stem has hope that with the current roll out of vaccinations for the elderly and new regulation adjustments, meetings with residents will become more and more integrated again.

“As of today, I do allow meetings with one family member or a person of the residents’ choosing, only as long as they are not touching each other, hugging, and they are promoting social distancing and are wearing at least a three layer surgical mask. We try to keep the current meetings to at least 45 minutes each,” he added.

The Stem family at Eagle Ridge hopes and plans on maintaining, upkeeping, and continuing to take care of the family members that come in and help make their transition easier.

Eagle Ridge Personal Care Home


2997 Renovo Road

Mill Hall, PA 17751



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