Janet Brinker wins $1,000 in The Express’ Great Holiday Giveaway

LOCK HAVEN — What would you do if you won $1,000 to do your Christmas shopping this year?

Janet Brinker of Mill Hall didn’t have to think long or hard.

“Start shopping. We’re on our way to Save a Lot right now,” Brinker responded Thursday morning after she received 10 gift certificates of $100 each from local businesses.

Janet is this year’s winner The Express’ Great Holiday Giveaway, and said she was  shocked that her ticket was picked.

“My husband Jay says I’m lucky. I  have won little things, but never anything like this. I couldn’t believe it when they called. This is the biggest thing I’ve ever won,” Janet said, a big smile on her face as she held the gift certificates in the shape of a fan and posed for the photographer.

“I’ll probably use them all,” she continued, adding that she has 12 grandchildren to shop for… it was great timing… at Christmastime.”

She said she’ll have no trouble at all spending the money.

“And, I’ll have fun doing it.”

Janet’s winning ticket, putting her into the final drawing, was the one she dropped in the box when she attended a recent show at the Community Arts Center in Williamsport.

The Center is one of the $100 gift certificates this year, so Janet said she’ll be going to another show.

Another gift certificate that Janet said she’ll spend on herself is the one from CO 2 The Unique Boutique in Lock Haven.  “They have such pretty jewelry there,” she said, anxious to walk downtown and pick out something that she won’t have to pay for.

Other $100 gift certificated in Janet’s pocketbook are from Unkel Joe’s Woodshed, Kauffman’s Store, Lingle’s Neighborhood Market, Little Caesars, Curves, Walker’s Hardware and Nerd Haven.

“The grandkids will love this one,” Janet said, referring to Nerd Haven, a perfect shop for youngsters who like sports and other collectable cards, items for young hobbyists and other things for boys and girls of all ages.

In order to qualify for the $1,000 Janet filled out coupons in The Express and dropped them off at boxes in the 10 participating businesses.

“I had to wait for a couple of the stores to open… but it was worth it,” she said.

Looking through the gift cards, Janet commented on each one of them, naming something she could buy at each business.

“This is a great Christmas present… it really is,” she said.


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