Alleged hijacker: I was on bath salts

Defendant declared ‘unfit’ for arraignment

LOCK HAVEN — A man who allegedly hijacked a pickup truck Thursday and led police on a chase through two townships before crashing was high on bath salts.

That is what Charles L. Dauberman told District Judge Joseph L. Sanders III during a court appearance.

After spending about 30 minutes talking with a very emotional Dauberman via video from the Clinton County Correctional Facility on Friday afternoon, Judge Sanders committed the 47-year-old as unfit for arraignment.

Dauberman remains in the county jail at McElhattan, pending arraignment at a later date.

Sobbing at times, Dauberman asked the judge for help in getting him medical and mental health treatment.

He said he was afraid that someone was going to hurt him … to kill him.

“I was just driving around. I was hearing voices. I was high on drugs. I didn’t know what was going on,” Dauberman said when asked about Thursday’s events.

He said he had been using bath salts off and on for a couple of months as he tried to deal with personal problems and depression.

Dauberman is charged with robbery of a motor vehicle, aggravated assault, theft, receiving stolen property, simple assault, recklessly endangering another, fleeing and attempting to elude, accidents involving damage to attended vehicle or property, obstructing emergency services, reckless driving and careless driving.

The arrest was made by Lock Haven City Police Cpl. Richard Simpson, Woodward Township Police Chief Steve Falotico and Pine Creek Township Police Officer Tim Gill.

Thursday’s incident began about 10:30 a.m. when city police were called to a disturbance on Veterans Bridge.

While enroute, it was dispatched that a male – later identified as Dauberman – hijacked a Suburban Water Authority truck from two employees, Steven Guerriero and Rodney Thompson.

Those reports were the start of a series of events described in the police criminal complaint, as follows:

Dauberman traveled across Veterans Bridge in Woodward Township and made a right turn onto Coudersport Pike. He got turned around and was driving back toward Veterans Bridge. While doing so, Dauberman ran a 2005 silver Subaru Outback off the road into the guardrail. Dauberman then struck the Subaru on the driver’s side of the vehicle and left the scene.

Dauberman proceeded up Armory Road toward the National Guard Armory. When coming back down onto Coudersport Pike, Chief Falotico witnessed Dauberman turn left onto Coudersport Pike while the vehicle was sliding sideways. Falotico followed the vehicle up Mill Hill Road and then left onto Woodward Avenue. While behind Dauberman, Falotico witnessed Dauberman driving all over the road, almost striking numerous vehicles. Dauberman did not pull over while being pursued and continued to drive erratically in and out of oncoming traffic.

More police vehicles driving at high rates of speed attempting to catch up with and stop Dauberman, who stopped in the road more than once and backed up toward Falotico. Dauberman came to a stop after he crashed into the guardrail on Woodward Avenue near Stuart Road in Dunnstable Township.

While being handcuffed, Dauberman continued to yell that he needed help and would not calm down, police said.

Dauberman was sweating profusely and said he did not know his name and that someone with a gun was trying to kill him.

The defendant was taken to the Lock Haven Hospital emergency room and was admitted.

Hand-in-Hand Hose Chief Bob Neff reported that his company was responding to a house fire call in Farrandsville and that Dauberman blocked traffic on Jay Street by parking in front of the fire truck.

He said Dauberman entered the cab of the fire truck when they stopped and would not exit.

Chief Neff, along with other firefighers, removed Dauberman from the truck.

Guerriero and Thompson told police they work for Suburban Water Authority and were operating a white, 2005-model Ford F-350 truck and were stopped in traffic on North Jay Street when Dauberman came toward them, yelling that someone was trying to kill him and something about a gun. They said Dauberman opened the passenger side door and got in the truck. Guerriero and Thompson exited and Dauberman drove away and across Veterans Bridge toward Coudersport Pike.

Blake Confer was operating the Subaru Outback that Dauberman struck. She said she was driving east on Coudersport Pike and Dauberman was westbound before he forced her into the guard rail. Her car was also struck on the driver’s side. Confer said there were other cars in the area and it appeared as if Dauberman was trying to strike those vehicles.

Dunnstown Fire Chief Justin Baker said he was driving a fire engine on Coudersport Pike toward the boat launch when Dauberman drove toward him and nearly hit the fire truck.


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