Jersey Shore student’s complaint dismissed in court

JERSEY SHORE — The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has granted a motion from the Jersey Shore Area School District for summary judgement and dismissal of a complaint filed by Kristin Newvine.

The court concluded Newvine failed to establish her damages from a slip and fall on the school district’s property are recoverable at common law, thus the school district is immune from suit under what is commonly known as the Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act.

The court affirms the decision of the Court of Common Pleas of Lycoming County.

Newvine was a student at Jersey Shore High School on Jan. 12, 2015 when she slipped and fell on the ice in the student parking lot, causing a fracture to her right ankle. The accident occurred after school was delayed for two hours due to a freezing rain storm.

Newvine filed a complaint against the school district alleging that her fall and resulting injuries were caused by the district’s negligent, willful, wanton and/or reckless conduct in failing to warn her of the existence of an accumulation of snow and ice on the property and did not properly inspect the premises for snow and ice and remove an unreasonably dangerous condition by placing barricades or anti-skid material on the property. Newvine unsuccessfully appealed the decision of the Lycoming County Court which ruled the school district was not liable for her fall or injuries.