Keep your umbrella handy; rain to continue



LOCK HAVEN — It looks like umbrellas will be a great take-along this week, as storms and thunderstorms are forecast every day, with the chance of heavy thunderstorms on some occasions.

That doesn’t bode well for Clinton County’s Keystone All-Stars who are making their way through the state competition this week, hoping to end up with a state title and a trip to the Mid-Atlantic competition.

Here’s hoping our 10-12-year-olds’ schedule dodges the storms, as the road to the Little League World Series in South Williamsport is on a tight schedule, with little room for rain delays.

One good thing about the Accuweather forecast is the temperatures, which are expected to remain in the 70’s through mid-week and then reach into the 80’s. It could get a little muggy, however.

But then, you never know about these forecasts.

On Sunday, heavy black clouds appeared most of the day, but not more than a misty drizzle fell in most areas of the county.

Temperatures fell into the upper 60’s last night, making for a comfortable night and cool early morning today.

From here, we’re on to a string of days calling for showers and a thunderstorm with a high temperature of about 78.

More showers and a heavier thunderstorm are forecast for Tuesday, at the temperatures again reaches into the upper 70’s with a night-time low of 68.

Wednesday’s forecast is more of the same… showers and thunderstorms, temps in the high 70’s during the day and 66 at night.

Thursday is calling for showers and a warmer day with a high of 85 and a low of 66.

Clouds and sun with a thunderstorm and temperatures reaching about 83 are forecast for Friday; night-time temps are in the mid 60’s.

And to finish out the week, Saturday is much more of the same. Showers, 70-degree temperatures and low-60’s at night.

Unfortunately, a first look at the following week — when the Clinton County Fair will be underway at the fairgrounds in Mackeyville — little improvement is expected with rain of some form, from showers to thunderstorms on the agenda. Temperatures will be in the 80’s and night-time lows in the 60’s.

As always, thunderstorms bring the chance of lightning.

A lightning strike can result in a cardiac arrest and death, and the most lightning strikes occur during warm summer months when people are outside enjoying the weather.

There have already been five lightning deaths so far in the month of July.

According to the NWS Storm Data, over the last 30 years (1988-2017), the United States has averaged 45 reported lightning fatalities per year. Only about 10 percent of people who are struck by lightning are killed, leaving 90 percent with various degrees of disability.