Are we in store for a cool-down?

From staff reports

Is a 30-degree cool-down in store for Central Pennsylvania by the weekend?

It appears so. While National Weather Service forecasters say a showers today will gradually begin to usher cooler temperatures into the region, a look further into the weekend shows a forecasted low of 59 late Friday night and high of just 66 degrees on Sunday.

That’s after a high in downtown Lock Haven of 97 degrees at just about 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Indeed, it felt like a sauna outside on Wednesday afternoon here.

Talking about heat and humidity, it looks like the next few days will bring showers.

Forecasters say showers and thunderstorms are likely today under partly sunny skies with a high near 86.

Tonight will bring a continued chance of showers, with a low around 65.

The forecast shows showers and thunderstorms around Friday and Friday night, followed by a mostly cloudy Saturday.

People certainly will tell the difference when the mercury bottoms out to about 59 degrees Friday night.

The odds for rain pick up Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – perhaps from what’s left of Tropical Storm Gordon, which made landfall early Wednesday near the Alabama-Mississippi border. That storm is forecast to track into Arkansas before moving northeast to the Mid-Atlantic region.


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