Centre proclaims National Recovery Month in Sept.



BELLEFONTE — Acknowledging not only addiction’s pervasiveness in Pennsylvania but the need for treatment and the potential for recovery, the Centre County Board of Commissioners voted to proclaim September 2018 as “National Recovery Month” at its meeting on Tuesday.

An annual event, National Recovery Month is a project of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration geared to increase understanding of substance abuse disorders as well as celebrate recovery. Locally, the Heroin and Opioid Prevention and Education Initiative (HOPE) provides services.

“It’s a major issue for Centre County,” said board vice-chair Mark Higgins. “I attended many events over this weekend and talked with many people who have addiction in their families. We have to get control over it.”

In observance, lights at Centre County Courthouse and the bridge at Talleyrand Park will be purple with purple ribbons to be posted throughout the county, according to HOPE Initiative information. Each purple ribbon symbolizes and memorializes a life lost.

Additionally, a Remembrance Ceremony is scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 20, at 6:30 p.m., on the Courthouse steps. Since 2014, Centre County has lost 80 lives to drug overdose deaths. To honor these lives, visit www.centrecou-ntyhope.org

Commissioner Steve Dershem, offering to read the proclamation, because, “it’s a powerful one,” added, “I applaud everyone’s efforts.”

Read Proclamation 26 here http://www.centrecountypa.gov/DocumentCenter/View/5453

For more information, see www.centrecountyhope.org. Information on National Recovery Month also is available at www.Facebook.com/RecoveryMonth

In other news, the board adjusted an energy savings contract to separate repairs to the Sheriff’s Office roof. The contract with McClure Company, Inc., shows not only a lower bid from David Maines Associates, Inc. but different contract specs.

“I also reviewed the bid,” said Higgins. “It’s not quite apples to apples.”

That’s correct, said Robert Jacobs, Planning and Community Development director.

“A recent bid is offering a 30-year warranty and a better type of roofing material,” he said.

The Maines Roofing bid is $188,715. The board voted unanimously to proceed with contract negotiations. If accepted, the contract for the performance-based energy project with McClure Company drops to $4,703,795, Jacobs said.

Additionally, the board authorized staff to begin sending materials to municipalities to solicit applications for the 2019 County Liquid Fuels Program. Board Chair Michael Pipe said the program will follow prior years in that the goal is to encourage applicants to meet eligibility requirements in safety project applications.

“We will discuss safety projects in December and look at municipalities that haven’t received funding in a while,” Pipe said.

At issue is revenue the counties receive from the gasoline tax consumers pay at the pump. Pipe said historically requests total nearly $1 million, with about $300,000 in funds available. Centre County may look at the option of a $5 PA DL renewal fee, as 18 other counties have done, which would put the county in line for a $2 million match the county can draw down.

But in January, the board voted 2-1 (Dersham dissenting) to raise the vehicle registration fee $5 as part of the Act 89 transportation bill signed by then-Gov. Corbett. That choice could put the county in line for a $2 million match from the state, Pipe said after the meeting. Clinton County held a public hearing in August to gather comments on the issue.

Also, a joint meeting with Bellefonte Borough is slated for Monday, Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. in the Courthouse Annex.

The next regularly scheduled meeting is 10 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 11, in the Willowbank Building, 420 Holmes St.