Mill Hall Center for Healthy Aging participants make mats for homeless

PHOTO PROVIDED Standing from left are Jane Wynn, Peg Duck, Georgia Smith, Winnie Geraty. Sitting from left are J.C. Haskins, Linda Hinman.

MILL HALL — Participants at STEP Office of Aging’s Mill Hall Center for Healthy Aging have spent the last month crafting mats for the homeless.

J.C. Haskins, Linda Hinman, Jane Wynn, Peg Duck, Georgia Smith, and Winnie Geraty were introduced to mat making through a service project started by the Lamar Lighthouse Campground and participated in the initial preparation to make the plastic mats for homeless.

It takes about 500-600 plastic bags to make one 4 feet by 6 feet mat.

Used plastic bags are first cut into strips, tied together, and rolled in a ball (such as yarn is rolled) – then the plastic “yarn” is knitted or chrocheted into a mat.

The mat can be used as a moisture barrier or as a covering for warmth. The Lighthouse Campground committee will be donating these mats locally in the Williamsport area.

The mat makers at the Mill Hall Center are continuing to knit/crochet mats.

To get involved you can visit the Mill Hall Center for Healthy Aging at 9 Peale Ave., Mill Hall or call 570-726-6378.

Please consider donating your used grocery bags!


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