More rain in forecast, through Wednesday

LOCK HAVEN — What was supposed to be just some fall showers is now forecasted tobe a fully fledged rain storm, theatening the possibility of more floods and water damage throughout an already beleaguered region.

Hot on the heels of the remnants of Hurricane Florence, our area can expect to potentially receive another 2.5 inches of rain through the end of Wednesday.

Florence, though, proved to go easier for us than expected, showing that at the end of the day, a forecast is just one of several possible futures.

Originally, Florence’s remnants were suggested to drop upwards of 3 inches of rain across much of central Pennsylvania.

Accuweather’s gauge, though, shows Lock Haven as having only received 1.08 inches from the storm.

It’s been a week since, and the generally dry weather in the intermediary has allowed the water levels to drop a bit.

As of Monday morning, river levels at Lock Haven were measured at 9.72 feet, while at Renovo, the river is down to just 3.77 feet.

Bald Eagle Creek, near the Beech Creek Station, remains concerning, at 10.58 feet on Monday morning. Flood stage for that station is 11 feet.

There were no flood watches or warnings posted for the area by deadline Monday night.

However, this could change quickly, and readers are encouraged to monitor the situation.

Depending on what source you want to go with, there is potentially some good news, though. The National Weather Service’s State College forecast office is a bit lower on the rainfall totals than Accuweather is. They expect around 1.5 inches of rain between last night and Wednesday night, a full inch less of precipitation.

Regardless, beyond this new threat of rainfall, area weather looks to continue being cool and pleasant, with temps ranging from the low to mid 70s over the next week, and cool overnights in the 40s and 50s — good sleeping weather!


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