Little League asks Bellefonte Council for permission to hold Duck Race

BELLEFONTE — If you build it, they will come.

That line, of course, is from the classic film “Field of Dreams” starring Kevin Costner. Well, the Bellefonte Little League has a different problem. The organization has the players – it just needs another field.

At Tuesday night’s Bellefonte Borough Council meeting, William Carey, president of Bellefonte Little League, addressed council. Carey was not looking for land (the league has it) or money (the league needs it). Instead, Carey was simply looking for a tentative approval to hold a rubber duck race at Spring Creek in Bellefonte.

“We are in a bit of a pickle,” Carey said. “We are out of space and we need another field.”

A rubber duck race is a popular fundraiser around the country. The public purchases ducks, which are then numbered and dumped into a stream or larger body of water.

As the ducks move down the water, one ultimately gets to the finish line and is declared the winner. The person who purchased that duck is given a prize, or in some cases, a cash award.

Carey explained that there are currently two fields at the Little League complex and space for a third.

“It has become a necessity. We have the land. We have everything we need – except the funds,” Carey said.

Council asked Carey details about the race, but he said that it is simply in the discussion phase. He is uncertain about the cost of the ducks or when the race would be held. He did mention the possibility of holding the race in conjunction with other big Bellefonte events, such as the Bellefonte Cruise or the Arts and Crafts Fair. It could also be held near a holiday, perhaps Easter weekend, he said.

“This has been done numerous times before and I don’t see why we can’t do it again,” said Mayor Tom Wilson.

Carey said that Bellefonte Little League serves 225 children ages 4 through 13 in the Bellefonte area.

Council voted unanimously to give Carey a conditional use permit on the condition that he comes back to a future meeting with more details about the potential race.

In other


r Council heard from Lori Haines from the Centre County Housing Authority, who asked for a letter of support to the Department of Housing and Urban Development regarding Beaver Farm Apartments.

HUD is looking to switch the apartments from a Section 9 funding program to a Section 8 funding program. Haines said that she would like to see the apartments remain as Section 9.

r Wilson talked about the recent snow storm and the effort of borough workers to remove the snow.

“A job well done by the snow removal crew. They worked all night to remove big piles of snow,” he said. “I thought the streets looked great. And we want to thank the citizens for keeping their cars off the road.”

Council will meet again at 7 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 4.


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