Post hearing briefs filed in Woodward, Dunnstable boundary dispute

LOCK HAVEN — Post hearing briefs have been filed in the case of a boundary dispute between Woodward and Dunnstable townships.

The hearing took place on Oct. 19, 2018 in an effort to end the nearly decade-long dispute.

Now, almost three months later one of the final steps in the process was completed.

Visiting Potter County Judge John Leete presided over the case.

Judge Leete and an out-of-county review board made up of a lawyer, realtor and surveyor, will decide where the line between the two townships will be set.

There isn’t a time frame with which the review board must make a decision.

“They’ve got a lot to review,” Dunnstable Township Solicitor Lee Roberts said.

The three board members must look through hundreds of pages of testimony, including two surveyors hired by each township, he said.

Over the years, both townships hired surveyors to discover a definitive line, as well as to research archived maps dating back to the 1800s.

The surveyors of each township came back with two different boundary lines and attempts by supervisors from both townships to come to an agreement outside of court were unsuccessful.


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