Centre County honors corrections employees, mental health workers



BELLEFONTE — The Centre County commissioners made a pair of proclamations at Tuesday’s weekly meeting.

The first proclaimed May 5 through 11 as Corrections Employee Week in Centre County. It was Proclamation 10 of 2019.

Commissioner Mark Higgins noted that outside of Penn State, corrections is one of the largest employers in the county.

“Between the county facility, the two state facilities and the private facility that’s just outside of our borders in Clearfield County … outside of Penn State, corrections employees are one of our largest job descriptions for Centre County residents,” Higgins said.

Commissioner Michael Pipe commended all of the employees for their efforts.

“There are many folks who work in partnership at the correctional facility. The largest office that we have in county government is the correctional facility,” Pipe said. “It is a big part of who we are and it is a big part of what we do … we thank you for all that you do in Centre County.”

The second, proclamation 11 of 2019, proclaimed May 2019 as Mental Health Awareness Month in Centre County.

Commissioner Steve Dershem said that it was only fitting that the two proclamations were held on the same day.

“A big part of what you do at the correctional facility is dealing with many people with mental health crisis. Not only does the facility use forward thinking with programs, you have so many volunteers who provide comfort to the folks who will very soon be returning to society. It’s important that we recognize the type of work you do to make those people more productive,” Dershem said.

In other business, the commissioners moved several items to next week’s consent agenda:

∫ Contract renewal with the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association to provide 24/7 maintenance on CPIN and LiveScan systems. The new LiveScan systems. The new LiveScan all in one system installed on April 11 includes one year of warranty and sevice with the purchase agreement. The contract total is $4,520 for one year of CPIN maintenance and four months prorated maintenance of LiveScan for the period of Jan. 1, 2019 through Dec. 31, 2019.

∫ De-commissioning and removal of a 911 tower site in Rush Township. Total cost to remove and restore the area to its original condition is $10,738.60. The cost includes a proposal from Centre Communications, Inc., to remove all tower components including antennas, mounts, feedlines and tower steel in the amount of $7,362. There is also a proposal from T.M. Perryman Excavating in the amount of $6,468.60. That includes demolition of the shelter and landscape work at the tower site in the amount of $3,106.60.

The 911 tower has been unused since 1998.

∫ Acquisition of five vehicles for the county business fleet, four being replacement vehicles and one for the district attorney’s office. These vehicles will be provided as Penn State in-kind service in the total all-inclusive amount of $50,682.50. The vehicles are: 2013 Dodge Caravan with 54,276 miles all-inclusive amount of $9,515; 2014 Chevrolet Impala with 60,241 miles all-inclusive amount of $8,910; 2013 Ford Explorer with 51,838 miles all-inclusive amount of $10,505; 2013 Ford Explorer with 52,970 miles all-inclusive amount of $10,505; 2015 Ford Explorer with 73,780 miles all-inclusive amount of $11,247.50.

r Agreement with Worldpay, LLC and Government Payment Services, Inc. to provide GovPayNet Payment Network to accept payments on the county’s behalf made using credit and debit cards. Cardholders will be charged a service fee. This contract is at no cost to the county for the period of May 7, 2019 through May 6, 2020.

The commissioners will meet again at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 7 at the Willowbank Building in Bellefonte.