Mural, mural on the wall

CM?Middle School Students enjoy a lesson on murals and cartooning

KCSD PHoto From left, Maddison Ruggiers, Kori Grieb, Annabelle McElwain, Cadence Grieb, Ricky Fantaski and Blake Yost.

MILL HALL –Central Mountain Middle School art teacher Nate Wilson and gifted education teacher Christina Onuskanich developed an enrichment opportunity for 6th and 7th grade students at the middle school, as they learned about cartooning and murals.

The students painted two murals– one mural in the library of a signpost with fictitious literary destinations and another mural in the cafeteria with pictures of cartoon food.

They spent several periods sketching and developing individual ideas then putting them together into a master sketch of the mural. Students then sketched the mural on the wall and used acrylic paints to fill it in. Lastly, they applied a coat of protective varnish.

The murals were painted during the fourth quarter of the school year during Wilson’s prep period and several afternoons after school. Students finished the murals on the afternoon before the last day of school.

The mural project was developed to give art students an enrichment opportunity where they could not only learn about public art but make their mark on the school. The murals were also conceived as the start of an ongoing project to beautify the school by adding art to the walls.

Students involved in the project included seventh graders Kali Hanley, Aubree Ambacher, Kylie Keener, Sophie Leuthold, Malea Embick, Keely Rohrbach, Val Kitchen; and sixth graders Ricky Fantaski. Avah Rafter, McKenna Gray, Macy Plowman, Sage Miller, Samantha Streator, Blake Yost, Jake Karichner, Cadence Grieb, Emma Walker. Josh Williams, Chris Rogers, Mattison Schlesinger, Annabelle McElwain, Ava Doyle, Wesley Cowart, Heidi Miller, Monroe Donaldson, Kori Grieb, Isabella Wolyniec, Payton Kinley, Malory Prough, Jonas Madle, Annabelle McElwain, Maddison Ruggiers, Jaysa Stover, Maggie Park, Michael Britten, William White, Taela Little, Lydia Peters.