Avis canoe launch to be transferred to state

Familiar swimming, fishing spot will remain open to public

AVIS– The Northcentral Pennsylvania Conservancy has announced the acquisition of the Avis canoe launch on Pine Creek in Clinton County at the Route 150 bridge.

The intent is to transfer the property to DCNR’s Bureau of Forestry so it can be managed as part of the Tiadaghton State Forest, the agency said.

The property was owned by an individual who had development plans for the property. However, when those plans fell through the owner looked to selling the property.

When a local resident learned of the potential sale, he became concerned that the public might lose access to the Creek during the sale. This prompted him to reach out to the Tiadaghton State Forest District Forester.

The Bureau of Forestry started working with the landowner to buy the property. While the landowner was agreeable to selling the property, he couldn’t wait as long as the Bureau of Forestry would need for their acquisition process.

The Bureau of Forestry asked the Conservancy to buy the property and then work through the Bureau’s process to sell the property to the Bureau.

George and Shirley Durrwacther donated the funds for the purchase price of the property. George grew up on Pine Creek. Fishing, swimming, and floating. He and Shirley recognize the recreational value the Creek provides for residents and visitors alike and wanted to help keep access in place for people to use and enjoy the Creek.

The Conservancy’s members and donors provided other resources needed to get the project started.

For years, people have used the property on the Avis side of the Route 150 bridge over Pine Creek to get on and off the creek in kayaks, canoes, and tubes. They have fished here, swam there, and even sat in a chair while the creek flowed over their feet and legs.

Already a popular access point for the community and visitors, the Avis canoe launch will now remain open to the public forever.


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