KCSD board agrees to look at facilities space study

Christina Manning

MILL HALL — The Keystone Central school board agreed at Thursday night’s work session to get the process started to look at a potential facilities space study.

Board president Boise “Bo” Miller asked members of the board if they would like to see a facilities space study conducted.

“We all know that we recently had a condition study done,” Miller said. “We need to determine not only what the condition of our buildings is, but also are we best utilizing the space available there. Do we have an excess of space? What are we going to do if we do have an excess of space? What are the options there?”

Miller was quick to point out that a facilities space study does not mean that buildings would be closed.

“I’m not necessarily saying that this would lead into the closure of any buildings. Quite honestly, we just don’t really know what we have out there. So it’s impossible to make any kind of informed decision without having an actual true space study done,” Miller said.

If a space study is conducted, there are a few options, Miller said.

“We could have our internal facilities folks conduct a space study. Or there are several professional firms out there who are very, very good at doing that,” he said.

Board member Elisabeth Lynch indicated that she would be in favor of a third party conducting the facilities space study.

“I am 100 percent in favor (of it being done) by a third party,” she said.

Fellow board member Charlie Rosamilia said that he is in favor of the study, but had some questions.

“I’d like the cost, first of all, before we discuss any of this,” he said.

Miller said that the item was only up for discussion.

“We are not approving a space study. Basically, the idea here is that we are going to direct the administration to go out and get bids, get costs to do a space study. That needs to come from the board not as a voting item or anything like that. It can simply be by consensus,” Miller said.

No board members objected to looking into costs of a space study. Miller said that he knows there are plenty of options for the district.

“There is certainly more than one vendor out there that can do this,” he said.

Also on Thursday, Christina Manning was introduced as the Director of Pupil Services for the district. She comes to KCSD from the State College Area School District.

Manning gave a brief presentation about some changes in policy 200, 201, 202, 203 and 204. Those policies cover everything from tuition for non-resident students, attendance and educational trip policies.

The board also looked at an out-of-state field trip request for Central Mountain High School CTC students who traveled to Louisville, Ky. on June 24 through June 29 to participate in the Skills USA Leadership and Skills National Competition. Though the date has passed and students have already made the trip, the board will look to retroactively approve it during next week’s voting session.

The voting session is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 18 at the Central Mountain High School auditorium.


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