KCSD board makes personnel moves

Board approves 14 DPLs, Martin gets a new administrative assistant

MILL HALL — The Keystone Central school board made some personnel moves at Thursday night’s voting session, which was held at the Central Mountain High School auditorium.

A total of 14 District Program Leaders (DPL) were added to superintendent Jacquelyn Martin’s team. The 14 already hold positions in the district, but specialize in certain areas. According to Martin, each plays a critical role.

“There are ones for secondary math, elementary math, K-12 literacy,” Martin said, citing the list. “Those people work directly under me, but I’m planning to train all of them and then they’ll be responsible for leading their programs and teaching others in their programs.”

Martin said that the 14 are extremely excited about their roles.

“I’m thrilled with the people who we have moving forward. They’re just super excited and very positive about the work that has to be done,” she said.

The DPLs get a stipend in addition to their salary, Martin said.

“This was an agreement when we did the early bird teacher contract. This was written into the contract and I requested it to be there because I didn’t ask for a curriculum director. Usually, most districts have a whole other body here. I’m going to juggle (that role) and see how it goes without adding another administrative position,” Martin said. “I feel confident I have the skill. I’m a little concerned about balancing my time.”

Also approved by the board was a new administrative assistant. Patti Stevenson joins Martin’s team.

“I’m thrilled to have Patti working closely with me. She has been substituting in the role for the past three weeks and has proven to be an extremely competent and trustworthy team member. She’s been in the district a long time,” Martin said.

Stevenson replaces Joellen Chappelle, who recently resigned to pursue other interests.

In other business, the board approved:

∫ After a second read, several school policies. They were: Policy 005, Policy 200 (Enrollment of Students), Policy 201 (Admission of Students), Policy 202 (Eligibility of Nonresident Students), Policy 203 (Communicable Infectious Diseases and Immunizations) and Policy 204 (Attendance).

∫ An agreement between the district and McClure Company to furnish and install five new heat exchangers in five existing rooftop units at Central Mountain High School per Costars contract No. 008-376 not to exceed $89,542, paid for by the capital reserve fund.

∫ Awarded a bid from CenturyLink for district-wide telephone services in the amount of $17,388 per year for 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022 school years paid for by the general fund. There were several competitive bids, including Norstar ($24,672.12 per year), Morefield ($23,274 per year) and Clarity ($32,379 per year).

∫ Announced that board members will be taking part in a retreat at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 4.

The board will meet again for a work session at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 1 at the Central Mountain High School Auditorium.