Woodward Twp. to map out sewer lines

LOCKPORT — Woodward Township will soon have their sewer system mapped out.

Supervisors approved a contract with PA Rural Water Association to map out the township’s entire sewer system at a cost of $10,900.

The mapping will include measurements of the piping and the location of each manhole and catch basin in the township, Supervisor Chairman Kyle Coleman said.

PA Rural Water has mapped out other systems in the county, including Bald Eagle Township.

Sewer Authority employee Alicia Shoemaker presented an interactive map of the township’s sewer line on Google Earth.

Each manhole has its own classification which includes the manufacturer, its size and when it was installed.

The map will not only be digitalized but also printed on vinyl maps so the sewer employees can use them while investigating possible issues within the township.

“Basically they can have all this information at their fingertips instead of carrying it around on paper,” Coleman said.

Shoemaker also added that if a new line is added after the mapping, the contractor will return and update the map at no extra cost.

PA Rural Water is based out of Bellefonte and has been serving water and water systems since 1988.

The contract was approved with unanimous vote on a motion made by Supervisor John Barth and seconded by Supervisor Wayne Love on Tuesday night.