BC business shines spotlight on elementary students’ artwork

PHOTO PROVIDED Liberty-Curtin Elementary School students, Aaron Bechdel, left, and Mason Berry show their artwork— pictures they drew of trucks— that are now on display at LMR Tires in Beech Creek as part of art teacher Jenn Wilson’s “automotive” art on display project.

BLANCHARD — Trucks and cars is a popular subject of many students at Liberty-Curtin Elementary School.

Liberty-Curtin art teacher, Jenn Wilson has noticed over the past few years that many kids love to draw trucks and cars and some become very serious about it the older they are as they continue to improve their drawing skills.

As Wilson is always thinking about how to find more ways to get her students’ art displayed in the communities, she contacted the LMR Tires business behind the Lykens gas station in Beech Creek.

After a friendly chat with manager Kacie Seyler, the art teacher proposed the idea that every month, a few framed truck or car drawings from two different student artists could be displayed. Both Chris Lykens, store-owner, and Kacie thought it was a great idea.

“I see so much great art from my students that I really want to keep finding businesses that will showcase these kids’ amazing artistic skills to their hometowns and communities,” said Wilson.

“Lately, I’ve been giving some of the kids’ drawings back to them in small frames of mine as I have so many from showing my own art. This has been an eye-opener, as the students all the sudden seem to really acknowledge my support of their abilities, and, most importantly, I think it’s giving them more confidence to keep drawing,” she said.

Although the 2018-19 school year was coming to an end, Wilson knew there were two serious artists in the fifth grade who would really enjoy having their ‘automotive’ art on display — Aaron Bechdel and Mason Berry.

The teacher noticed Aaron has been interested in drawing trucks since kindergarten, showing a very serious determination to improve on learning to draw trucks over the years, even building ones out of clay. His favorite trucks are always Dodges.

Meanwhile, Wilson found that Mason has also been demonstrating strong abilities in art, particularly in drawing imagery from photographs, starting to understand how to create three-dimensional effects of objects by the end of this school year. He loves to draw Fords. These boys have also been great friends which is another reason Wilson wanted to showcase their drawings together.

Currently there is a drawing by each of these students on display.

Aaron Bechdel is the son of Chad and Kathleen Bechdel. Mason Berry is the son of Melissa Counsil and Keith Berry.

Both students, who will be in sixth grade next school year, will have their awesome automotive drawings on display at Lykens Tires in Beech Creek through August. Be sure to check out their amazing drawings and stay tuned, as more awesome artists’ works will be on display on a monthly rotation, courtesy of Lykens’ LMR Tires.