Bellefonte embraces annual ‘Under the Lights’ event



BELLEFONTE — Bellefonte’s annual “Under the Lights” event continues to grow.

At Tuesday’s Centre County commissioners’ meeting, they welcomed Melissa Hombosky of Downtown Bellefonte, Inc., to talk about the event, which is nearly sold out.

“We’ll have no more ticket sales,” Hombosky said. “We sold over 600 the first day in less than six hours. We had a few more we were holding back for sponsorships that we released a few weeks ago.”

The Second annual “Under the Lights” event will take place beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 6 along the waterfront in downtown Bellefonte. According to Downtown Bellefonte’s website, Under the Lights is “a night of communal outdoor dining, created to celebrate what DBI loves most about Bellefonte.”

“It’s a communal dinner for 800 people,” Hombosky said with a laugh. “We have 300 or 400 feet of table along the waterfront and another 200 feet of table on the Lamb Street Bridge. We have 11 food vendors and four beverage vendors and they’re all Bellefonte vendors.”

Music will be provided by the popular duo Hops and Vines.

“It’s just really a beautiful, communal dinner with your friends, neighbors and strangers,” Hombosky said.

The numbers have doubled from year one to year two, Hombosky said.

“When we came up with this idea, we thought we would maybe sell 200 tickets and we sold out 200 tickets in two hours. We added another 200 tickets and sold out of them in another three hours. We knew that we could sell tickets,” she said.

One of the problems the DBI faces is the space.

“You think you have this huge space down there, but once you start filling people in, there’s about a quarter-mile,” Hombosky said.

Hombosky said that she’s not surprised by the popularity of the event.

“The response last year was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone who went there loved it. It wasn’t all Bellefonte. About 60 percent of the people were from Bellefonte. Otherwise, they were from larger areas,” Hombosky said. “It’s surprising to me how much people love it and what it means to the people in our community.”


- WHAT: Second annual “Under the Lights”

- WHEN: 5:30 p.m., Friday, Sept. 6

- WHERE: Bellefonte Waterfront

- TICKETS: Sold out

- INFO: www.downtownbellefonteinc.com


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