County approves leasing six new vehicles



LOCK HAVEN — Thursday morning, the Clinton County Board of Commissioners approved six 60-month equity lease quotes with Enterprise Fleet Management to add new vehicles to the fleets of Children and Youth, Independent Living and Emergency Management.

The vehicles include a 2020 Chevrolet Traverse, for $586.24 per month, and three 2020 Chevrolet Equinoxes, for $483.10 each per month, for the CYS department; a 2019 Dodge Caravan for the Independent Living program, for $491.12 per month, and a 2019 Ford F-150 for Emergency Management.

Clinton County CYS Assistant Director Tristan Rock explained that four vehicles will be replaced in the Children and Youth Services fleet, and 60 to 70 percent of the cost is reimbursed by the state.

The vehicle for the Independent Living program is funded by grant money, Rock said.

County Chief Clerk Jann Meyers noted that there are six individual leases on the vehicles and a master agreement.

“Some vehicles we might later decide to purchase outright,” commissioner Robert “Pete” Smeltz said. “The one Emergency Eervices vehicle may be funded by PEMA, and we are removing one from that fleet.

In other business, Gabe Caprio was appointed to the Middle Susquehanna Bicycle and Pedestrian Sub-Committee of SEDA-COG, effective August 8, 2019.

In personnel items, the board approved the resignation of Kirstin Gist, Reach Out Mentoring Program Coordinator, effective August 16, along with changing the start date for Susan Muthler’s unpaid leave to August 23.

The board also approved the Temporary Out of Class assignment for Hunter Peters, lead screener, to temporary supervisor in CYS, effective August 5. This will include a temporary salary increase to $44,119 (Grade O) after two weeks. In another agenda item, the employment status of Jimmy Risley was changed from full time to part time 911 dispatcher at the Department of Emergency Services, effective August 19, 2019.

A transfer of IV-D funds in the amount of $48,229 to the General Fund for May 2019 reimbursement of expenses was also approved.

The board also approved the payment of county bills in the amount of $871,723.50 and net payroll in the amount of $296,668.53 for the period ending August 9, 2019.

Bill invoices over $10,000:

∫ Payment of $28,362.23 to Aramark for Clinton County Correctional Facility food purchase.

∫ Payment of $18,635.25 to Bryertech LLC for a pavilion at the Piper Building.

∫ Payment of $281,087.66 to Delaware Valley Health Insurance Trust for health insurance.

∫ Payment of $11,439.82 to DVHIT for HRA, June.

∫ Payment of $11,192.79 to Lycoming County Children and Youth for 4th quarter JCIS-CYS services.

∫ Payment of $109,612.69 to M&T Bank for FICA Tax.

∫ Payment of $14,154.64 to M&T Bank for PA State Tax.

∫ Payment of $96,471.94 to M&T Investment Group for retirement.

∫ Payment of $11,619.28 to Penn State University Agriculture Extension for reimbursement of services.

∫ Payment of $19,388.50 to Stiffler McGraw for work done to phase 4 of the Bald Eagle Valley Trail.

∫ Payment of $13,516.94 to Wayne Township Municipal Authority for Clinton County Correctional Facility sewer treatment.

∫ Payment of $29,490 to Woods Services, Inc. for residential treatment.